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"One of the best WordPress marketing plugins I ever worked with!"

"You can build your email list and go viral with one tool! The interface is user-friendly and within a few minutes you are up and running. Small investment for a lot of pleasure!"

Jeremy van der Heijden
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"Wilco, you created yet another great converting plugin!"

"I already own and tested a bunch of list building plugins, but I've never seen something like Viral Optins before. I'm not a big fan of paid traffic, so every plugin that's generating (free) viral traffic is a winner in my books :) Definitely a must-have in your online arsenal!

Ralph Kooi
Photo of Luuk
"Woah - this tool really delivers what it promises!"

"I never pay for my traffic. My philosophy is 'if what you produce is good, the traffic will come'. Viral Optins really is an extension on this philosophy - it made me grow my list way faster then I ever excepted! In no-time I more then trippled my list with Viral Optins and making me more money in the end thanks to my auto responder. Thanks Wilco! "

Luuk Olde Bijvank
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From: Wilco de Kreij
RE: Virally Building Your List and Increasing Site Traffic The Easy Way

Dear Friends,

I'm the respected Internet Marketer behind WP4FB, WP4FB 2.0, and other viral Facebook plugins that have sold thousands of copies and been featured in Mashable, Social Media Examiner, Smashing Magazine, and other top technology media outlets…

Smashing Magazine screenshot TNW Twitter screenshot Pete Cashmore Twitter screenshot AllFacebook screenshot WPHub screenshot ShoeMoney screenshot

I'm here today to share my newest invention with you, before anyone else gets a crack at it…

It will start growing your list exponentially (literally), and it takes minutes to set up…

With it, you'll be gaining massive amounts of traffic while waving goodbye to paid advertising and the heartbreaking headaches of SEO…

I'll give you all of the details in just a minute…

But first, let me ask you a simple question…

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Isn't It Time You Started Working Smarter, Rather Than Harder?

Less effort, more rewards…

That's what everyone's after even?

But, if you've been in IM for more than a minute…

You know that 99.99% of the products out there promising to save you time and make you money…

End up taking a tremendous amount of your time, while never giving you a penny's worth of ROI.

Have you experienced this before?

Reading a sales letter, getting hyped up about a product, hitting that buy now button, and then realizing you've made a huge mistake?

It takes hours figure out how to use what you just bought…

The product doesn't do what it's supposed to do…

What sounded simple turns out to be a huge pain in the ass…

And you're odd with less money, hours of wasted time, and not being any closer to reaching your goals of financial success in Internet Marketing.

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So, What Really Works In The IM World?

Ask 1,000 of the best names in online marketing what the best way to make money online is…

And 997 of them will tell you to build a list. (The other 3 are broke).

Once you have a solid list, making money becomes as pressing "send…"

You can promote your own products to people who are already familiar with you, and who trust you…

You can sell solo ads to other people, charging them hundreds of dollars just to mention their product to your list…

And you aren't dependent on the whims of Google, SEO nightmares, or paid advertising cash sinks.

Having a list is how real online marketers make money.

And it's not just entrepreneurs and individual marketers who find a list to be so crucial…

Fortune 500 companies are spending millions of dollars each year in an effort to increase their customer base.

Because they know that, with an opted-in base of prospects, sales come quickly, easily, and frequently…

In many ways, a list is one of the great equalizers in the Internet…L

It allows Joe Schmoe and Donald Trump to both make more sales, in the exact same way.

No matter who you are, you can benefit from building a list.

So let me ask you this:

Mail icon

Are You Getting As Many Optins Each Day As You Feel Like You Should Be?

Because as you already know, the reality is that putting up an opt-in form on your website isn't all that hard…

Many CRM systems like Mail Chimp, Aweber, GetResponse, and Constant Contact provide you with simple optin forms which can be placed on your website…

If you know anything about html or coding, you can create your own form…

In fact, you may already have a squeeze page or optin on your website even now.

And yet you're probably not happy with where your list is at, or you wouldn't be reading this letter.

Instead, you'd be on a beach somewhere, sipping on mojitos and smiling every few minutes as your Paypal app lets you know you've just made another sale.

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The Two Reasons Your List Is Growing At A Snail's Pace, If It's Even Growing…

Why Your List Isn't Growing As Fast As It Should Be: Traffic

Unless you're Bobby Moneybags, you've realized that getting massive traffic to your website is expensive…

It takes months of SEO efforts to start seeing organic traffic. And you're either outsourcing the SEO work, which costs a fortune, or wasting hours of your life doing it alone.

And paid traffic is expensive. Remember those $300+ solo ads we talked about? They might bring you a few hundred visitors, but it normally only leads to a brief spike in traffic.

You can use AdWords of course, but paying a few dollars per visitor is actually a pretty crappy deal unless your site converts better than 99% of your competition.

So instead, you're constantly scratching your head, wondering how the heck you can get more traffic to your website.

That brings us to…

Why Your List Isn't Growing As Fast As It Should Be: YOU!

Now before you get all pissed off at me, and say that you're doing everything in your power to grow your list, hear me out…

When you do get a new optin, what do you do with that freshly minted lead?

You probably smile to yourself, do a 5 second happy dance, and then try to sell them something, even?

Okay great, and trying to sell things to your list is what it's all about…

But going about the status quo does nothing to ensure that your list actually grows…

Now, let me ask you another question…

Arrows icon

What Would It Be Like If Every Optin You Got Led To 2, 5, Or Even 10 Additional Subscribers?

And what if this was the same for all of those new leads too?

Do you think that would have an effect on the speed with which your list grew?

Let's be modest and say that each optin on your site just led to two additional signups…

We're about to do some math, but stick with me because you're going to be blown away…

Blackboard explaining viral idea

The next optin you got brought you 2 more optins…
Those 2 optins = 4 more optins
Those 4 optins = 8 more optins
Those 8 optins = 16 more optins
Those 16 optins = 32 more optins

Your list would literally be growing exponentially – all based off one single optin.

Sound too good to be true?

Well it's not, and I have the product that will make this happen for you today.


Viral Optins is a one-of-a-kind WordPress Plugin that takes your list building viral...

It's insanely easy to use, and can start exploding your optin list today.

Here's How It Works

  1. 1. First, you use this plugin to create an optin form. You can create as many forms as you'd like, and place them anywhere on your website you want – the bottom of each page, the top of each page, as a widget, in the sidebar, as a popup, anything. These forms are beautiful, and convert much better than the ugly ones you get from CRM platforms like Aweber. Now, while many plugins would could it a day even here, with Viral Optins this is just the tip of the iceberg…

  2. 2. Your optin forms are entirely editable, you select a theme that you like, and add the title, text, image, and call to action. There are currently over 18 different design options that you can choose. Or, you can upload your own new html designs directly into the plugin. We include a guide with the product that shows you exactly how to do this.

  3. Then, the magic happens…

  4. 3. When each new subscriber opts in, a second popup window appears. In this window, you offer your new subscriber something of perceived value. Plus, this window is entirely customizable.

  5. 4. If you've got an ebook, free report, piece of software, spreadsheet, video series, or box of chocolates, you offer it to your subscriber here.

  6. 5. But rather than just give away your "Freebie," your subscriber gets a unique promotion URL and is told that they have to share it in order to access their "secret" content. In other words, each of your visitors becomes incentivized to get your content and brand out there onto the web.

  7. 6. For example, you could ask them to refer 5 new email subscribers by sharing their URL on Facebook, their Twitter profile, post blog comments, etc etc...

  8. 7. And while other Plugins may encourage users to get "likes," Viral Optins encourages them to really share. That's because your subscribers need their friends to take specific action in order to unlock their incentivized content. Their friends will have to come to your site, and take real action that leads to new customers and more sales.

  9. 8. And you can choose what the action you want your subscriber's friends to take – visit your website or even opt in to your mail list..

  10. 9. The result is that your new subscriber starts promoting your website to all of their friends, who then come to your page, opt in as well, and do the same thing for their friends…

  11. 10. You immediately take your website viral, giving you the ability to build your list into the thousands in just days…

  12. 11. Your subscribers are happy because, once they've shared your content with their friends, they get that valuable piece of content that they've earned. Viral Optins automatically notifies subscribers via email when this occurs, so that they instantly get the gratification of unlocking their own "secret" content from your website.

  13. 12. Plus, Viral Optin allows you to add a notification bar on your website, reminding your subscribers about the reward they'll get once they've referred your site. This means each time they come to your site, they'll have that tempting piece of content they haven't yet unlocked, staring them in the face. So even if they don't share your content right away, it becomes increasingly likely that they will the longer they're on your site.

  14. 13. And, you can track your leads through our stats page, making it easy to see just how well the plugin is working for you.


Viral Optins works with all major email service providers*.

If you use an obscure platform however, we still may be able to format it to you too. Simply tell us what email provider you're using.
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So Do You See Why This Is The Most Innovative Email List Builder Ever Created?

You rapidly take your list viral, while providing valuable content incentives for your subscribers…

Using one simple plugin, you can increase your sites traffic by thousands of visitors…

Spending zero dollars and zero hours on SEO and Paid Advertising.

And because I firmly believe in giving those who deserve it first dibs on groundbreaking software, you'll get a competitive edge by using this automated strategy first, before any of your competition does..

I recently used this plugin on one of my own sites, where I was getting less than 100 unique page visitors per month…

The result, 21,318 visitors within just a few weeks…

Screenshot showing traffic Screenshot showing traffic

Remember when I mentioned the idea of working smarter, rather than harder?

Well now you have a real opportunity to do just that.

Viral Optins:

  • Lets your audience promote your website for you.
  • Brings you loads of on-going viral traffic that you don't pay a dime for.
  • Brings you an ocean of new email subscribers who you can then sell to.
  • Allows for authentic social media sharing, rather than generic tweets that no one follows.
  • Delivers hundreds of backlinks to you, as users post their unique URLs on blogs, forums, and other places in the hopes of unlocking content.

So by now you're probably wondering…

Dollars icon

Wilco, What's The Price Of Admission My Friend?

A lot less than it should be, honestly…

Buying a legitimate, real list from another Internet Marketer will cost you anywhere from $1,000 to over $100,000.

And even once you do, all of the subscribers will just be wondering who the hell you are..

Plus, getting your site upwards of 20,000 unique visitors per month takes months, or even years of organic SEO…

You'll be watching your hairs gray, spending thousands of dollars, or both, just to make it happen…

Which is why the special offer I'm presenting to you is so insane.

When you act today, you won't pay the $1,000 plus that you'd need to buy a list…

You won't spend the $1,000 per month in online advertising costs required to gain site traffic…

And you won't waste months of your life praying to the SEO gods for some organic traffic to start flowing your way.

As a special offer to my fellow markters today…

You Can Get Viral Optin For Just $27 For A Multi
Site License, And $17 For A Single Site License.*

Get Our Special Offer

Single Site License

Viral Optins - Single Site License Viral Optins - Unlimited License

The price will increase by $0.10 with every 5 persons who purchases this product, so you need to act immediately to lock-in the best price.

In this situation, it's much better to be buyer number 5 than buyer number 500…

So don't waste a moment.

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Plus, After A Brief Period, This Offer Will Be Closed For Good.

The truth is, Viral Optin is insanely valuable. There's nothing else like it on the market, and it took a true viral marketing fanatic like me to create it…

I'm releasing this product here first, in order to give some lucky marketers a big break.

You guys have been good to me, so I want to be good to you too.

After a not to long period, however, I'm closing the offer down and taking it to Clickbank.

And I can promise you, it will be selling for a lot more than $17 for a single license, $27 for a multi-site license.

So you have to take action now if you want to lock-in the best rate.

Click The Button Bellow, And Once You've Made Viral
Optins Yours, You'll Gain Access To The Plugin Via
An Instant Download.

Get Our Spcial Offer

Single Site License

Viral Optins - Single Site License Viral Optins - Unlimited License
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And Of Course, You're Going To Be Covered By My 30 Day Satisfaction Guarantee.

I only make high quality products that truly help people to better their business by increasing sales…

In fact, you don't get shout outs from, and other tech industry giants, by giving people crappy products they can't use…

But I know that, despite my reputation, you don't want to take any chances.

So invest in Viral Optins today, and take an entire month to decide if it's really as great as I say it is.

If you're unsatisfied for any reason, simply let me know…

I'll then quickly and quietly refund your entire purchase – no questions asked.

I know that this is highly unlikely however, because Viral Optins is the real deal…

30 Day Satisfaction Guarantee

So This Is One Of Those Very Real Situations Where You Have Nothing To Lose And Everything To Gain…

Single Site License

  • Create Unlimited Optin Forms
  • Use Viral Optins on 1 Website
Viral Optins - Single Site License Viral Optins - Unlimited License

If you've been around the IM universe for more than one day, you've probably already tried building a list...

So let me ask you, how much money did you spend on it, and how quickly did it grow?

The answers are probably a lot, and a little, and that's why I'm offering Viral Optins to you today.

Stop messing around, wasting your time and not having anything to show for it…

You've likely already have squeeze page or optin form right now, so why not start seeing some real cash from it?

This is your chance to virally explode your list, bring thousands of visitors to your website, and improve your page ranking without having to such at the dry, cruel teet of mother Google.

The opportunity is here, but you have to take action.

I know you'll make the smart decision, and I look forward to seeing you on the inside.


Wilco de Kreij

P.S. There's no other plugin like this on the market, and I'm presenting it today truly as a special offer to you. Act now while the licenses are so low – once Viral Optins goes to Clickbank, you'll pay triple digits for this same product.

P.P.S. Don't forget, Viral Optins is backed by a 30 Day Money Back Guarantee. I know you'll see amazing results with my plugin, but if you're not happy for any reason, I'll immediately refund you. You have nothing to lose except the heartbreak of not making money online. This is your answer, and it's here reaching out to you through your computer screen right now, so take action.